My fascination with photography began very early in life. As a young adult, this fascination quickly
became a passion. This passion wasn’t one to just make a technologically sound photograph but to
use photography to express the powerful emotion that I experience during my original visualization.  I
began my journey in photography over 20 years ago studying the works of Westin, Lang and Adams. I
used these teachings to develop my own formula for photography. My experience includes small,
medium and large format films as well as experimentation with newer technologies. I have found that
the traditional techniques give me a better sense of satisfaction in my work. My work has been
exhibited in many art shows, galleries, and individual events winning awards throughout the years.
Using black and white film and the large format camera I capture my vision. Once captured, I proceed
to a development process that I have created and refined over the years through trial, error and
research. This process includes a selection of film, paper, developer and toner, as well as how the
image will be prepared for the final presentation. Each negative and print are developed one at a time
using the tray method.
    My process is slow, thoughtful and time consuming. The intent is to experience time while creating
art that captures and conveys the state of mind in each moment. I believe each print is born with
character and individuality through this combination of complex steps that I feel makes each print
unique. This formula that I have developed over the years is considered extreme by most in today’s
fast paced, automated world. However, it is one that I can say is my own and is the only way that I have
found to obtain and maintain my original visualization of the work.
Millard Griffis  Artist
** All images are sole property of Millard Griffis and may not be downloaded or used for any purpose without permission. **